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Suspension Services


To put simply, the suspension is what connects the cars body to its wheels through many different components. The suspension system is responsible for regulating the bouncing motion that your car would go through out on the road, making your drive more manageable and comfortable and protecting the vehicle from damage or wear. JJโ€™s Auto Repairs not only fix suspension systems, but we can also recommend upgrades to your suspension so that you can get the best handling possible out of your vehicle! If your vehicle has any of these following symptoms, then itโ€™s time to give JJโ€™s a call!

  • Nose Dives when braking
  • Pulls to one side when driving or braking
  • Unintentional drifting around corners
  • Bouncing
  • Feeling like itโ€™s going to topple over going around corners
  • Sagging on one corner or side
  • Clunking noises going over bumps
  • Squeeking

While many of the above symptoms are a relatively easy fix, they are components that can have dire consequences if they catastrophically fail!

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