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Bait & Tackle


Hello and welcome to John and Jodie’s Fishing Bait and Tackle!

We are thrilled to have you as our valued customers.

We understand that fishing can be a challenging sport, but with our top-of-the-line gear and accessories, we want to make sure that your fishing experience is a successful and memorable one.

Our knowledgeable store owner John, who has been fishing for over 20 years, is always eager to share his tips and tricks with beginners and seasoned anglers alike.

Jodie’s passion for selecting the best products ensures that every customer will get high-quality products.

We take pride in providing exceptional customer service and offer valuable advice to help you achieve your fishing goals.

Drop by our store and let us assist you in achieving the fishing adventure of your dreams!BaiBait

Wide Range of Products

“Attention all anglers! If you’re on the hunt for the perfect catch, look no further! Our shop is swimming with a vast variety of fishing products to suit every need.

But wait, there’s more! If we don’t have what you’re looking for, fear not! We can order it for you faster than a fish can wiggle its way off of a hook.

So let’s hook you up with the best fishing gear out there!”

The Tackle Box

When it comes to fishing, having the right equipment is absolutely crucial. Fishing tackle, available at your local fishing store, is much like an arsenal for the avid angler.

The sheer abundance of options is enough to make any fisherman or woman giddy with excitement. From lures to hooks, sinkers to plastics, and rods to reels, each piece serves a critical function in the fishing process.

Lures, for example, are essentially the angler’s bait that are designed to entice fish and come in an array of different colors, shapes, and sizes.

Hooks, on the other hand, are available in different shapes and sizes depending on the type of fish being targeted.

Sinkers are weights designed to ensure that your bait sinks deep, rather than simply floating away, while soft plastics allow fishermen and women to get creative and sculpt different shapes and sizes that resemble different prey to lure in their catch.

And finally, fishing rods and reels are the perfect pair to cast the bait to the desired location and to subsequently haul in any prize catches.

All in all, having a well-stocked tackle box is essential for any successful fishing trip.

We have what you need!

Tired of using old gear and missing out on the big catches? Fear not!

We have just what you need to level up your fishing game.

From rods and reels to hook, line and sinker. Everything that you will need to land that next whopper. 

Our premium selection of fishing equipment and gear boasts top-quality nets, gaff hooks, landing nets, yabbie pots, bait catchers, and so much more.

We’ve got every angler covered, whether you’re a rookie or a pro.

Our friendly and experienced staff consists of fishing junkies who are always ready to dish out useful tips and tricks to make your next trip one for the books.

If we don’t have what you need, we’ll make sure to sort you out! Ready to snag some big ones together? Look no further!

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